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Christian Schools in LEXINGTON, Kentucky KY by Denomination

LEXINGTON is located in the beautiful state of Kentucky (KY). According to the Christian Schools directory database, there are 23 Christian schools in LEXINGTON, Since the Christian school directory is rather large, we recommend that you narrow your search by denomination if you already know the style of Christian school you prefer. Our Christian school finder shows 0 Catholic Christian schools, 0 Lutheran Christian schools, 3 Baptist Christian schools, 1 Methodist Christian schools, 0 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1 Presbyterian Christian schools, as well as Christian schools from 18 other denominations. Whether you're looking for a new Christian school home or you are just visiting LEXINGTON, Christian Schools is dedicated to helping you find a Christian school. is a directory of Christian schools and Christian counselors that can be searched by city, state, and denomination covering the United States of America and Canada. Our online church directory makes it easy to locate a church that meets your spiritual needs. Find a church near you today!